{Sponsored Post} Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker

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I’m an ice snob. I think I inherited it from my parents, who both have distinct opinions regarding the shape and texture of their ice. It’s so bad that we purchase Sonic ice by the bag when we’re on family vacation at the beach. As crazy as it is, I don’t think I’m alone in… Read More »

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! (Giveaway)

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Did you know that February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Day? Neither did I. Until this morning, when I received an automated text message from a company I subscribe to reminding me. Thank you, random arts and crafts supply store, for letting me know. I love random acts of kindness. (Who doesn’t?) I think… Read More »

Take Notes From 2 Year Olds

 Working at church in Early Childhood, I spend all week preparing for Sunday mornings, when the campus is flooded with little smiles and sticky hands and tiny shoes. My heart melts as young families bustle through the doors, a bit overwhelmed and frazzled as they rush to check their kids in, get them to the… Read More »

…and sometimes it’s just joy.

Sometimes, it's joy. | Blair Blogs

Life doesn’t discriminate. It throws it all at us all. There will be sorrow. Disappointment. Anger. Resentment. Sometimes it’s what could have been or what was. It’s hurt, it’s pain, it’s knowing you’re wrong. It’s wishing to go back, it’s wishing to fast forward…. …and sometimes it’s just joy. I awoke this morning in a… Read More »

Happy Birthday To The Best

Can you believe this photo is 4 years old??

Dearest Angela, We are quite the unexpected pair. You with your long, wild hair, loud, contagious laugh, and bedroom without a proper floor for the clothes that pile on top of it. And me–always in a ponytail, calculated, more reserved. But somehow we both knew. On that January night when we decided to get to… Read More »

My Theme For 2014 & Why I’ve Been So Quiet

My Theme for 2014 | Blair Blogs

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I have old journals filled with scribbled thoughts, dozens of files stored on floppy disks with short stories, poems, and made up writing worksheets that will never be read again, letters I’ll never send, the beginning chapters of… Read More »

2013 WAS AWESOME. (& a manifesto for 2014)

2014 Printable Manifesto | Blair Blogs

This year was awesome. I can’t say for sure that it was my favorite year of life to date, but I’d say it’s a super fierce competitor in the Blair’s Best Year of Life running. Here’s what went down this year: I graduated college. I was hired at my first full-time job. I moved to… Read More »

I Think The Innkeeper Was Lying


You know the innkeeper? The one who told in-labor Mary and surely-frazzled Joseph that there was no room at the inn? The man who sent the Messiah to be born in a stable? Well, I think he was lying. “And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him… Read More »