Dear Charley,

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You don’t know. You don’t know how I prayed earnestly for you for seven months before I got you. That I prayed specifically for a birthday puppy and got you the day before I turned another year older–a true answered prayer. You don’t know how scared I was to be a first-time dog owner or how [Continue Reading…]

The Great Apartment Saga of 2014

I moved this weekend…from one building to another within my same apartment complex. Yes, I packed up every single thing I own, filled in the holes in the wall, scrubbed my old apartment clean, loaded up truckload after truckload of my belongings only to move into another apartment that is quite literally a hop, skip, and [Continue Reading…]

Here’s my ugly; what’s yours?

This is my ugly; what's yours? | Blair Blogs

In a world where it’s perfectly-styled Instagram photos, and glittery Pinterest boards, and ever-positive Facebook statuses, and a lot of “I’m great!’s,” even when we’re really, really not, and looking pretty in profile pictures when our hearts are heavy, it’s days like today when I scream I NEED YOU TO BE OKAY WITH MY UGLY! [Continue Reading…]

What I Need You To Know About Me

What I Need You To Know About Me | Blair Blogs

Yesterday I attended an all-day leadership conference at the church where I work. Dread is a strong word, but I was certainly not looking forward to giving up my entire Saturday (and then, of course, Sunday) to be on my job site. I will say that I am so thankful for the day and all it brought, [Continue Reading…]