We Booked Our Honeymoon!

We Booked Our Honeymoon! (Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas) | Blairblogs.com

…Oh, how exciting it is to type this post! Wedding planning thus far has been really enjoyable, but there have been, of course, moments of stress and anxiety. In each of those moments, I’ve dreamt of warm beaches with turquoise water, sipping something fruity, with a light coastal breeze, wind in my hair, sand in [Continue Reading…]


GET RID OF STUFF 2015 | Blairblogs.com (There are 6 challenges for different areas in your home--now's a great time to simplify, minimalize, and streamline your space!)

Wow, that’s an aggressive post title. I like it. This post needs a title as big as the task it represents–getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff! I’m single (for 168 more days ), I live alone, and I am the furthest from a hoarder that you could ever imagine. Still, there is stuff [Continue Reading…]

Asking Our Flower Girls & Ring Bearer

How We Asked Our Flower Girls & Ring Bearer | Blairblogs.com

I adore children. I have been babysitting since I was 12 years old, served as a Sunday School teacher for years, and now work full-time in Early Childhood. Although many of my friends and family have chosen the route of not having any children in their bridal parties, that was absolutely never an option for me. [Continue Reading…]