What I Need You To Know About Me

What I Need You To Know About Me | Blair Blogs

Yesterday I attended an all-day leadership conference at the church where I work. Dread is a strong word, but I was certainly not looking forward to giving up my entire Saturday (and then, of course, Sunday) to be on my job site. I will say that I am so thankful for the day and all it brought, [Continue Reading...]

Summer Goals For 2014

Summer Goals for 2014 | Blair Blogs

Can you believe it’s June? Heck, can you believe that we’re halfway through 2014? No joke, the other day I almost wrote 2011 as the date. Where are these years going? WHAT IS HAPPENING? Alright, back to earth now. I really love goals (I write about that a lot), especially personal goals. Lately, though, all [Continue Reading...]