Current Makeup Routine

My Current Makeup Routine (Jan. 2015) |

I first wrote about my makeup routine in this post back in 2012, and then again here in 2013. I am well overdue for a makeup update! I’ve always been a firm believer in light, natural makeup. I love to go darker and bolder when I have a special occasion, but day-to-day, I’m a five minute application [Continue Reading…]

We Booked Our Venue! (The Milestone Denton)

We Booked Our Venue (The Milestone Denton) |

The day after we got engaged, Riley and I started casually looking for venues online. We mostly just searched for “Denton, Texas weddings” and “Austin, Texas weddings” online, and then looked through Google Images. Whenever we saw a photo with a venue that looked promising, we’d click through and research it. No kidding–our very first “Oh [Continue Reading…]

Wedding Planning So Far

Wedding Planning So Far |

(…Or, the beginning of 7 months of Christmas Eve-like anticipation…) Everyone told me that I’d be excited. But I had no idea it’d be like this. I’ve barely eaten in a few weeks (save roughly one meal a day). I’ve been awake until 2:00am every night. I wake up early, like really early, easily. It feels like [Continue Reading…]