Summer Goals For 2014

Can you believe it’s June? Heck, can you believe that we’re halfway through 2014? No joke, the other day I almost wrote 2011 as the date. Where are these years going? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Alright, back to earth now. I really love goals (I write about that a lot), especially personal goals. Lately, though, all of my goals have been tied up in work. It’s been for good reason (I wasn’t in a full time role until a few days ago), but it’s time for me to get back on track with un-work related goals.

Summer Goals for 2014 | Blair Blogs

1. Life Goal: Take 1 step towards writing a book

I’ve wanted to write a book for years, and I truly believe I could do it. I don’t know what I’d write about (I’ve thought about a book geared towards girls about to enter their freshman year of college since I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from this post), but the subject is still very, very up in the air. I know I won’t complete a book in three months, or even an outline, but I’d like to take one step towards achieving this goal. That may mean taking time to brainstorm, setting aside a weekend to write, or talking to friends and blog readers to get their opinions. Any ideas?

2. Physical Goal: Move more & eat out less

Okay, so these are two separate goals, but they both relate to my physical health and well-being, so I’m grouping them together. Anyone who has gone from college to a full time job can relate–it is tough to find time to exercise. I felt busy in college, but I had no idea just how much of my time (and energy) would be poured into work post-graduation. Many days I get home and don’t want to do another thing! This summer, however, I want to be more intentional about moving more.

Which brings me to my second point, eating out less. This one is tough, because I find it annoying to grocery shop, prep, and cook a meal for just myself. It seems like a waste of time and energy to me. I’m not a big fan of leftovers or eating the same thing day after day, which only adds to my plight. However, the heat of the summer usually adds up to lighter, more refreshing meals, which are quick and easy to make at home. Have any single people had success with meal planning? I’d love to hear about it!

3. Scheduling Goal: Wake up earlier

I hate getting out of bed, but I love waking up early in the morning…can anyone relate? There’s such a peace in the early morning hours, and I find focus in that time that is hard to come by in the busyness of the day. I was doing really well waking up early (here’s why) at my last job, mostly because I had to be at the office by 9am and I had a 30-40 minute commute each morning. It was early alarm or bust. But now, by the grace of God, I have extremely flexible office hours and a 5-7 minute commute. I can easily wake up at 8:30am or 9am and be at the office by 10am. I often do this, and then work a few extra hours in the evening as I am watching TV. It works well for the most part, but I would still like to get up earlier.

One huge reason prompting me to make this a summer goal is that Texas is really, really, really, hot in the summertime. Getting home from work between 4pm and 6pm is the hottest time of the day, and you can bet this fair-skinned girl isn’t going on any long walks or adventures at that time. Once dusk hits and the cool sets in, I feel uneasy about walking alone. Mornings really are the best bet for walking Charley before the sweltering heat rolls in…plus, morning walks are lovely and refreshing. Here’s to an earlier bedtime and an earlier wake-up call!

4. Spiritual Goal: Find a new devotional book for the next 365 days

I can’t believe this, but I’m coming up on a full 365 days of spending time with the Lord daily using this devotional. This is the first time in my life where I’ve been self-disciplined enough in this area to experience such consistency. In this consistency, I’ve seen massive spiritual growth and change. Spending time with God on days when I don’t feel like it or don’t want to has made all the difference. Once I hit a year using my current devotional book as a guide in July, I want to continue my daily journaling/scripture practice with a new book. Any suggestions?

5. “Business” Goal: BLOG MORE.

My gosh, this has been my goal for almost 8 months. I’m getting frustrated with myself, but I know that a lot of the reasons why I haven’t been able to write as much as I’d like are legitimate and life-changing. Luckily, this summer should be relatively low-key, so hopefully I’ll be able to blog more. If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, let me know! (It would actually be very helpful!)


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  1. Love your goals! Especially waking up early – so hard! Good luck with your book!

  2. These are awesome goals! I especially love the one about writing a book. Good for you, girl! Taking one step is sometimes all we need to push us in the right direction. I would also love to wake up earlier and blog more this summer! I hope you’re having a great week and happy June! xo, gina

  3. Taylor C. says:

    Waking up early can make such a difference for me! It seems like it’s the only time I can have “alone time” and get many things done without being interrupted. I always feel like my days go better when I arrive at work early and prepared. I think all of your goals will make you a happier, better you.

    • I can absolutely relate and I totally agree, Taylor! Waking up earlier makes my life so much better. Now–to actually go to bed earlier so I can get up early! #struggle



  4. Kim Coleman says:

    Blair- I highly recommend “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It really does make you feel closer to God.

  5. Jordan Leigh says:

    Love love love your goals! Setting goals is such an awesome thing for personal growth. I totally feel you on the whole food prep thing. I’m not a leftovers girl and it’s just me so food can go bad fast.. I’ve kind of learned foods that I love and don’t mind eating frequently that doesn’t=leftovers. Mornings, always smoothies, seriously the possibilities are endless! You could have a different one everyday and they are fast and portable. Lunch is usually a salad with a potato or fruit and this is where canned foods have become my saving grace.. sardines (love em.. weird right?) tuna, chicken, etc. are all so easy to throw on top of just about anything. And portability, I’m all about the portability haha. Dinner is where you can have some fun but stir frys are just about the quickest single person meal ever. Frozen veggie blend, some protein, a quick yummy sauce (again, endless possibilities) and BOOM. Dinner in 10 minutes. I suggest cooking a big batch of rice on the weekend to have all week and maybe even a couple sauces so all you have to do is throw it all in a skillet. Sorry for the insanely long comment but I hope some of it was at least half way helpful! :)

  6. Hey Blair! If you haven’t found a new devotional yet I recommend these:

    They are great and I love that there is a morning and evening one (a little ambitious to read both everyday, but a good incentive to spend more time with the Lord:)
    Let me know what you think!


  7. For the eating out less thing, I usually eat Lean Quisines, because they are cheap, fast, and portion controlled. I can get 5 meals for $10 at my Wal-Mart.
    As for the waking up early part, I love it! I’ve started a second job and I have to be there at 6AM, and for someone who wakes up around 10 every day, it was a HUGE change for me! But I feel like I get so many things accomplished by waking up earlier.

  8. Cheri DeBusk says:

    Hello Blair,
    I just pinned your blog from Aug 2012 (What Every College Freshman Really Needs to Know). I have a niece that is very special to me starting college this fall. I was wondering if you are still close to your friends from college? And do you find that the relationships made in college whether with close friends, or close instructors have helped you to network as you started or are starting into the workforce. I would love to pass on your views or insights in this area to my Olivia also.
    Thank-you for sharing with other young people, (and a few of us oldies too…:) )

    Cheri DeBusk

    • Hi Cheri!

      You are such a sweet aunt, how lucky Olivia is to have someone like you in her life. YES, I am so very close to my college friends. The girl I mentioned in this post (Taylor) is getting married next year and I’m going to be her Maid of Honor. My very truest and best friends are my college friends! My friends who graduated ahead of me as well as my college professors greatly helped me network and find a job after I graduated! Tell Olivia to befriend everyone she can–those friendships will carry her far!


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