Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad For Summer

Summertime is upon us! Here's the perfect low-fat, low-cal Greek yogurt chicken salad recipe loaded with deliciousness! | Blair Blogs

I love the summertime, don’t you? The hot sun, warm rain, late night thunderstorms, days at the pool, sundresses and flip-flops, fresh fruit–ahh, I sigh with relaxation just thinking about it. I also love the light meals that accompany the heat of the summer months. No one wants a pot of chili or a heavy casserole in the middle of July! One of my favorite summer lunches is chicken salad. I think it’s just delicious. But chicken salad made with mayonnaise is a little heavy on the calories and fat for swimsuit season.

Instead of ditching one of my favorite summer recipes, I decided to try it with greek yogurt and load it up with every wonderful topping.

First, I boiled three chicken breasts and shredded them in my Kitchenaid mixer. (Seriously, nothing is easier.) What’s that? You’re still hand shredding with two forks? No need, my friend, no need. Throw your halved chicken breasts in your mixer with the paddle attachment and set it to low. Within a minute, your chicken will be perfectly shredded.

Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad | Blair Blogs

Here’s the final product! Perfect, right? Now you’re ready to throw in the fun.

You can add whatever you’d like, but I added a half cup each of quartered red grapes, chopped pineapple, slivered almonds, and craisins. If I didn’t hate celery so much, I’d probably add that too. Also, of course,  plain greek yogurt (I used somewhere between 1/2 C and 3/4 C).

Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad | Blair Blogs

Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad | Blair Blogs

Once it’s all in the same bowl, use a plastic spatula to toss it together. Feel free to add extra of your favorite ingredients (pineapple and grapes for me), and don’t forget some salt and pepper, and maybe even a little garlic salt or dijon mustard.

Now the only thing left to do is refrigerate this delicious concoction and eat it!

Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad | Blair Blogs

Looks delicious, right? That’s because it is. It really, really is. If you’re wanting a little extra something, drizzle some honey mustard on top like me (Boar’s Head brand honey mustard is the absolute best). (Or add a slice of cheese, or some Old Bay seasoning, etc.)

Fully Loaded Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad | Blair Blogs

And that’s it! A light, low-cal, low-fat, delicious summertime meal loaded with yummy fruit and nuts! What’s your favorite summer recipe?

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  1. I’ll have to try that chicken/mixer trick!!

  2. i am totally doing this tomorrow..minus the fruits.. maybe add something else.. hmm…you rock!!! and i love the chicken mixer trick too..back in Sri Lanka we use our hands to shred chicken ..

  3. My husband and daughter loved it.. threw in some chopped gurka and tomatoes to the yoghurt..wish i could upload a pic.. but don’t know how to :((

  4. I will be making this today too. it wil be my second time.. my family loved it the first time i made it.i added chopped gurka and tomatoes to the chicken and yoghurt mix… love you blog.

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